Financial Aid Appeals (Graduate)

Students who do not meet the satisfactory academic progress guidelines will be sent a letter explaining that they are on financial aid dismissal. Students who believe that extenuating circumstances have affected the denial of financial aid have the right to appeal in accordance with the Financial Aid Appeal Process. In order to appeal, the student must complete an appeal form. All appeals must be submitted prior to the twelfth day of classes (census date) for the term in which the student is seeking financial assistance. The Financial Aid Appeal Committee will review the appeal forms and will decide whether to reinstate the student. The committee reserves the right to restrict the number and types of courses a student may take.

Following a reinstatement the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid will review the student’s grades at the end of the period of reinstatement. The student will be required to complete each semester with a 3.0 GPA. A student who fails to meet this requirement will be denied financial aid for the upcoming semester, and appeals will not be accepted a second time. Repeated appeals are considered a violation of the intent of the satisfactory academic progress guidelines. If a student’s appeal is denied, the student will be required to successfully complete 6 credit hours (of an academic nature) using his or her own financial resources before the committee will review the student’s academic transcript again.

The decisions of the Financial Aid Appeals Committee are final, and subsequent appeals for the current academic term will not be accepted. The Financial AidAppeals Committee’s decisions may stipulate conditions and restrictions. If they are not followed explicitly, individuals forfeit their financial aid eligibility for the remainder of the academic year.

The Scholarship Appeals Committee and the Financial Aid Appeals Committee are scheduled to review completed appeal forms prior to the academic year or pending term. Students wishing to participate in the appeals will be notified of their eligibility to appeal and must submit the Scholarship appeal form or the Financial Aid appeal form to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid by the date listed on their notification. The Financial Aid Appeals Committee will meet twice each semester according to the following schedule: once in the week prior to the semester start; and once prior to the last date to withdraw with a full refund.