FC 6354: Faith and Science

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There is fascinating evidence from the far reaches of the outer universe to the inner workings of the atom that bear striking analogies to theistic religious beliefs. This class will discuss four ways that science and religion can relate: conflict, independence, dialogue, and integration. It will be made accessible in language that non-scientists can understand. A dialogue then will ensue on the analogies of those discoveries to theistic religious beliefs with particular emphasis on Christianity and Catholicism. The course starts with assumptions, and then proposes convergence trends in four broad categories: physics to metaphysics, chemistry to life, biology to consciousness, and psychology to mysticism. A discussion of the science of the brain will coincide with the experience of mysticism. The objective of the course is for students to have a better understanding of how faith and science in recent times have come to be mutually affirming over a broad range of disciplines including physics, chemistry, biology, and psychology.