FC 5320: Marriage and the Family

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Credits 3
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This course will focus on the growth and development of a person – including their faith formation – in the context of family. The purpose of the course is to understand the need for lifelong formation in the areas of marriage and family. The vision of John Paul II and Pope Francis– and other Church documents (e.g. Revised Code of Canon Law) stressed that preparation for marriage begins in the earliest years (“remote preparation”), through the immediate preparation prior to the wedding, with follow-up support necessary throughout the life of a marriage and family. Every area of ministry (catechetical, youth, social, etc.) should play a role in this formation. This vision also involves an understanding of the family as a system of relationships that develop and change over time. The focus should be on working with families to strengthen and support their own mission and their everyday “ministry” as spouses, as parents, as extended family members.
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