FC 5314: Theology of the Human Person

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This course will address the dignity of the human person. This will include the Biblical foundations of our origin, our being made male and female, in God’s image; that, as incarnate spirits, we are created for and fulfilled in relationship (communio), destined as God’s adopted children in baptism for eternal life. It is the vocation to Trinitarian love in imitation of Christ that marks our destiny; it is lived out in family, church and community, and our baptismal call to discipleship in carrying out His mission in the world in the particular state in life to which we are called (missio). The importance of our capacity for moral integrity as a response to God’s initiative will be explored. Special emphasis will be placed on how the discipleship (communio and missio) of man and woman is lived out in the Sacrament of Marriage, an intimate partnership of mutual self-giving.
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