Refer to https://www.stthom.edu/Offices-and-Services/Directory/Index.aqf for the most up to date listing.


Shivas Amin, 2012. Associate Professor, Biology. BS (2003) Texas A&M; PhD (2010) Rice University.


James Anderson, 1989. Assistant Professor, School of Theology. BA (1974) University of St. Thomas; STB (1977), STL (1979) and STD (1988) Pontifical Gregorian University.


Dominic Aquila, 2007. Professor, History. BMus (1977) Juilliard; MBA(1980) New York University; D. Litt et Phil. (2001) University of South Africa.


Ulyses Balderas, 2011. Associate Professor, International Studies;

PhD (2005) and MA (1999) University of Colorado; BA (1998) Instituto Tecnoligica.


Catherine Romero–Barber, 2010. Associate Professor, Education. Director, Research Program. MA (2000) Loyola University; PhD (2004) Loyola University.


James Barloon, 2001. Associate Professor, English. BA (1983) University of Notre Dame; MA (1987) University of Missouri; PhD (1995) University of Kansas.


Sidika Gulfem–Bayram, 2011. Associate Professor, , Finance.; BS (1999) Ankara University, MBA (2002) University of Texas-RGV, Ph.D. (2011) University of Texas-RGV.


Michael Boler, 2011. Assistant Professor, Modern & Classical Languages. BA (2000) University of St. Thomas; MA (2007), PhD (2011) Fordham University.


Elizabeth A. Borreca, 2000. Associate Professor, Education; Chair, Exceptionality. BA (1970) and MS (1982) University of Wisconsin; EdD (1992) University of Houston.


Clinton A. Brand, 2001. Associate Professor, Chair, English. BA (1989) University of Dallas; MA (1990) and PhD (1995) Vanderbilt University.


Lucindra Campbell–Law, 2013. Professor, Nursing. BN (1994) Houston Baptist University; MN (1996) University of Texas Health Science Center; PhD (2004) Texas Women’s University.


Nicole Casarez, 1990. Professor, Communication. BJ (1976) and JD (1979) University of Texas; MA (1991) University of Houston.


Nicole Castellanos, 2012. Assistant Professor, Beran Library. BA (2003) Tulane University; MS (2008) The University of Texas at Austin.


Angelina Chambers, 2012. Professor and Associate Dean, Nursing. BS (1976) Skidmore College; MS (1981) Yale School of Nursing; PhD (2006) University of Texas Medical Branch.


Richa Chandra, 2013. Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Physics. BA (2002) Austin College; PhD (2006) Texas A&M College Station.


Yiying Cheng, 2013. Assistant Professor, Finance. BS (2002) Fudan University; PhD (2007) University of Rhode Island; PhD (2013) University of North Carolina Charlotte.


James Clarage, 2008. Associate Professor, Program Director, Physics. BA (1985) Illinois Weslayan University; PhD (1990) Brandeis University.


Elizabeth Coscio, 2002. Associate Professor, Spanish; Director, Spanish Program; Cullen Foundation Chair in Spanish. BA (1969) University Of Houston; MA (1986) Rice University; PhD (2001) University of Houston.


Emily Couvillon, 2012. Assistant Professor, Public Services Librarian. BA (2010) Tulane University; MS (2012) The University of Texas at Austin


Claudine Dufrene, 2013. Assistant Professor, Nursing. AND (1991) Nicholls State University; BSN (1998), MSN (2000) University of Phoenix; PhD (2013) Texas Women’s University.


Christopher Evans, 2007. Dean, School of Arts and Sciences; Associate Professor. BA (1996) Dallas Baptist University; ThM (2000) Dallas Theological Seminary; MA (2001) University of Dallas; PhD (2005) St. Louis University.


Marie Faubert, CSJ, 1994. Professor, Education, Cullen Trust for Higher Education/ Lloyd P. Webre Endowed Chair, Education. BA (1966) Regis College; MEd (1970) Boston State College; MEd (1989) and EdD (1992) North Carolina State University.


Ramón Fernández, 1983. CPA, CFP, CMA, CIA. Assistant Professor, Accounting. BA (1979) University of St. Thomas; MBA (1983) University of Houston.


Mary Flagg, 2013. Associate Professor, Mathematics. BS (1984) Rice University; MS (1986) California Institute of Technology; MS (2003), PhD (2006) University of Houston.


Serena Flores, 2012. Assistant Professor, Education; Chair, Counselor Education Program. BS (2006), MS (2008), PhD (2012) Texas A&M Corpus Christi.


Jack Follis, 2010. Associate Professor, Mathematics. MLA (2002) University of St. Thomas, MS (1999) Texas Tech University, BA (1994) University of St. Thomas


Henry Foust, 2012. Associate Professor, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Cooperative Engineering. BS (1995) University of New Orleans; MS (1995) Colorado School of Mines; PhD (2005) Tulane University.


Donald R. Frohlich, 1994. Professor, Biology. BS (1978) College of Idaho; MS (1983) and PhD (1989) Utah State University.


Ray Garcia, 2015. Professor; Director of the Ed.D Program. BS (1977) Texas A&I University. M.Ed (1981) Pan American University. D.Ed. (1989) University of Houston.


Beena George, 2003. Dean of Cameron School of Business. Professor, Management and Marketing; BS (1983) University of Kerala; MBA(1986) Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta.; PhD(2006) University of Houston.


Chirine Ghaoui, 1999. Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Physics. BS (1990) American University of Beirut; PhD (1997) University of Houston.


Lynn R. Godwin, 1994. Associate Professor, Marketing, Chair, Management and Marketing. BA (1981) University of Texas; MBA(1986) and PhD(1992) University of Memphis.


Ana-Lisa Gonzalez, 2004, 200, 2010. Associate Professor, Education; Chair, Reading and Field Experience. Med (2000) PhD (2005) University of Houston.


Emiliano Gonzalez, 1999. Professor, Education; Chair of the Graduate Curriculum & Instruction Program. BA (1987) University of Texas–Austin; MEd (1994) University of Texas–Pan American; PhD (1998) Indiana University.


Terry Hall, 1993. Associate Professor, Philosophy; Director, Honors Program. BA (1971) and MA (1975) Oklahoma State University; PhD (1990) Catholic University of America.


Andrew Hayes, 2011. Associate Professor, Theology. BA (2004) Christendom College; MA (2007), PhD (2012) Catholic University of America.


John Hittinger, 2006. Professor, Philosophy. Department Chair, Philosophy; BA (1974) University of Notre Dame; MA (1976) and PhD (1986) The Catholic University of America.


Javoris Hollingsworth, 2015. Assistant Professor. BA (2007) Georgia Southern University; MS (2009) PhD (2012) Louisiana State University


Sujin Horwitz, 2007. Professor, Management and Marketing. BS (1998) University of Maryland; MA (2000), PhD (2004) University of Minnesota.


Nora Hutto, 2011. Professor, Education. D.Ed. (1979), MS (1974) Texas Tech University; BS (1972) New Mexico State University.


Steven Jensen, 2007. Professor, Philosophy. BA (1987) University of St. Thomas; PhD (1993) University of Notre Dame.


Michael Kane, 2018. Instructor and Chair, Criminology, Law and Society. BS (1975) University of Tulsa. MA (1979) Sam Houston State University. M.Ed (2005) University of Houston Victoria. PhD (2017) Texas Southern University.


Mary A. Kelleher, 2004. Associate Professor, Periodical Reference Librarian; Chair, Beran Library, St. Mary’s Seminary. BA (1985) University of St. Thomas; MA (1990) and PhD (1999) New York University; MLIS (2004) University of North Texas.


Jean Kiekel, 2012. Assistant Professor, Education; Chair of Secondary Education and Masters of Arts in Teaching. BS (1991), MBA (1993), PhD (2007) Kansas State University.


Brady Knapp, 2005. Associate Professor, Music, Chair of Music; Director of Choral Activities. B.Mus. (1994) Vanderbilt University; M.Mus. (1997) and DMA (2003) Rice University.


Nicholas Kowalski, 2011. Associate Professor, Collection Development Librarian, Doherty Library. BA (2001) John Carroll University; MLIS (2005) Kent State University.


Phyllis Kritek, 2014. Professor, School of Nursing; Archbishop Fiorenza Endowed Chair in Nursing. BSN (1967) Marillac College, MSN (1971), PhD (1980) University of Illinois at Chicago.


Rick Krustchinsky, 1981. Professor, Education; Program Chair, Undergraduate Education; Associate Dean, Undergraduate Education. BS (1973) and MEd (1974) Stephen F. Austin State University; EdD (1979) University of Southern Mississippi.


Maia Larios–Sanz, 2007. Associate Dean of Art and Sciences. Associate Professor, Biology. BA (1993) Schreiner College; MS (1997), PhD (2003) University of Houston.


John Leavins, 2003. Professor and Department Chair, Accounting. BBA (1968) Lamar State College; MBA (1972) Lamar University; PhD (1987) University of Houston.


Robert M. LeBlanc, 2002. Associate Professor, Education. BA (1969) University of St. Thomas; MA (1973) and EdD (1980) University of Houston.


James LeBuffe, 2007. Instructor, Education. BA (1970) Catholic University of America; MA (1974) Gallaudet University; EdD (1982) Temple University.


Kristina Leyden, 2012. Assistant Professor, Nursing. AS (1994), AAS (1996) Clark College; BA (1997) Washington State University; MS (1999) University of Texas Medical Branch.


Victoria Liu, 2017. Assistant Professor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling. BS (2004) University of Louisiana at Lafayette. MA (2013) PhD (2016)Sam Houston State University.


Paul Lockey, 2015. Associate Dean of the Graduate School of Theology, Associate Professor, Theology; BA (1968) Texas A&M; MT(1971) and MST (1974) Southern Methodist University; MA (1988) and PhD (1989)University of Dallas.


Janet Lowery, 1990. Professor, English; BS (1974) and MA (1980) State University of New York, Brockport; PhD (1990) State University of New York, Binghamton.


Kerry J. MacArthur, 1986. Associate Professor and Cullen Endowed Chair in English. BA (1979) St. John’s University, Collegeville; MA (1982) and PhD (1988) University of Notre Dame.


Laura Manzo, 2011. Assistant Professor, Theology. PhD (2009) Catholic University of America; MA (1996) BA (1990) University of St. Thomas.


Christopher Martin, 1999. Professor, Philosophy. BA (1979), BPhil (1981) and DPhil (1984) Oxford University.


Claire M. McDonald, 1984. Professor, Drama; Department Chair, Fine and Performing Arts. BA (1977) Rice University; MFA (1983) University of Texas.


Jo Meier–Marquis, 2005. Associate Professor, Psychology; BA (1994) University of Texas, San Antonio; MA (1995) and PhD (1999) Southern Methodist University.


Birgit Mellis, 2010. Assistant Professor, Physics and Department Chair of Physics. MS (1991) University of Aachen and PhD (2004) University of Duisburg–Essen.


Steven Meyer, 2012. Assistant Professor, Theology. BA (1993), MA (1995) Franciscan University of Steubenville.


Roger D. Morefield, 1980. Associate Professor, Economics, Finance and Decision Information Sciences. BS (1972) University of Alabama; MA (1975) and PhD (1977) Duke University.


Elham Mousavidin, 2010, Assistant Professor, Management. BS (1998) University of Tehran, Mechanical Engineering. MBA (2002) University of Houston; PhD (2010) University of Houston.


Lisa Mundey, 2007. Associate Professor and Department Chair History. BA (1998) Notre Dame College; MA and PhD (2006) Kansas State University.


Romanus O. Muoneke, 1991. Associate Professor, English. BD (1975) Bigard Memorial Seminary, Nigeria; BA (1981) University of Nigeria; HDip (1982) University College, Dublin; MA (1984) and PhD (1991) University of Houston.


Edward Nam, 2015. Assistant Professor, Biology. BS (2004) Duke University; PhD (2011) Vanderbilt University.


Donald S. Nesti, CSSp, 1994. Professor, School of Theology; Interim Director, Center for the Study of Faith and Culture. BA (1959) and BD (1964) St. Mary’s Seminary, Norwalk; MA (1976) University of Pittsburgh; STL (1966) and STD (1970) Pontifical Gregorian University.


Chau Nguyen, 2017. Assistant Professor, Theology. MA (2010) M.Phil. (2015) PhD (2017) Catholic University of America


Loan Nguyen, 2008. Associate Professor, Doherty Library; Electronic Resources Librarian. BS (1992) Indiana– Purdue; MLIS (2001) University of North Texas.


Ellis L. Nordyke, 1974. Professor, Biology; Co–Director of Pre–Health Professional Program. BS (1968), MS (1970) and PhD (1972) University of Houston.


Karen O’Brein, 2018. Assistant Professor, Nursing. BSN (1993) Stephen F. Austin State University, MSN (2002) PhD (2008) The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston


Mirela Olivia, 2010. Associate Professor, Philosophy. MA (1999) La Sapienza University; BA (2000) University of Bucharest; PhD (2007) University of Freiburg I, Brsg.


Thomas Osborne, Jr., 2003. Professor, Philosophy; Director, Center for Thomistic Studies. BA (1994) The Catholic University; MA (1995) Boston University; PhD (2001) Duke University; LMS (2002) Pontifical Institute of Mediaeval Studies.


John A. Palasota, 2000. Professor, Chemistry and Physics; Department Chair of Chemistry, Chemistry. BS (1989) University of St. Thomas; PhD (1993) University of Houston.


Daniel Perez, Assistant Professor, Finance; Chair of Economics and Finance. Finance. BA (2004) University of Texas- Pan American, MBA (2006) University of Texas-Pan American, PhD. (2011) University of Texas-Pan American.


James Piccininni, 1991. Professor, and Dean of Libraries. BA (1982) State University of New York, Cortland; MLS (1983) State University of New York, Albany; MPA (1990) Marist College.


Ashley Pitts, 2012. Assistant Professor, Public and Technical Service Librarian. BBA (2005) University of Houston; MS (2011) University of North Texas.


Vinita Ramaswamy, 1995.Professor and Associate Dean, Cameron School of Business Professor, Accounting. B.Com (HONS)(1981) University of Delhi; MCom (1984) University of Madras; PhD (1994) University of Houston.


Theodore P. Rebard, 1990. Associate Professor, Philosophy. BA (1975) St. John’s College; MA (1986) and PhD (1989) Boston College.


Albert Ribes–Zamora, 2011. Assistant Professor, Biology. PhD (2007) Baylor College of Medicine; MS (2001) University of Kentucky, BS (1993) Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain).


Yvette Rolle, 2016. Assistant Professor, Nursing. DNP (2015) Chamberlain College of Nursing, MSN (1998), BSN (1995) University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.


Fr. Dempsey Rosales–Acosta, 2010. Associate Professor, Theology; Chair of Theology. STB (1998) Pontifical Gregorian University; SSL (2004) Pontifical Biblicum Institute; STD (2009) Pontifical Gregorian University.


Rosemarie Rosell, 1997. Professor and Department Chair, Biology. BS (1976) Rhodes College; PhD (1989) University of Memphis.


David Schein, 2013. Associate Professor, Management and Marketing; Director of Graduate Programs. BA (1973) University of Pennsylvania. MBA (1975) University of Virginia. JD (1977) University of Houston. PhD (2005) University of Virginia.


Carl W. Scott, 1989. Associate Professor, Psychology and Department Chair, Psychology. BA (1975) Loyola University, New Orleans. MA (1981) and PhD (1987) University of Houston.


Margaret L. Shelton, 2013. Associate Professor, Accounting. BA (1971) Rice University; MBA (1980) University of Houston, PhD (1986) University of Houston.


Hassan M. Shirvani, 1986. Professor, Economics; Chair, Cullen Foundation in Economics. BS (1972) London School of Economics and Political Science; MS (1975) and PhD (1979) Harvard University.


Alexandra Simmons–Nout, 2008. Associate Professor, Biology. BED (1999) Universidad Catolica Andres Bello; PhD (2005) Venezuelan Institute of Scientific Studies.


John Simms, 2006. Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Programs, Accounting. BA (1997), MS (1999) and PhD (2006) University of Houston.


Michele Simms, 2000. Professor, Management. BA (1984) University of Michigan; MA (1986) Michigan State University; PhD (1991) Wayne State University.


Richard Sindelar, 2012. Assistant Professor, Center for International Studies. BSFS (1971), JD (1983) Georgetown University.


Paul Smith, 2017. Assistant Professor, Clinical and Mental Health Counseling. BA (2008), MA (2013) Wake Forest University. PhD (2016) University of North Carolina Greensboro.


Randall Smith, 2001. Professor, Theology; Endowed Chair, Scanlan Foundation in Theology. BA (1981) Cornell University; MS (1987) University of Dallas; MMS (1991) and PhD (1998) University of Notre Dame.


Malcolm Solomon, 2002–3, 2008. Associate Professor, Music. BA (1996) University of St. Thomas; MM (1999) and DMA (2002) Rice University.


Charles Sommer, 2005. Associate Professor, Theology. BA (1999) University of St. Thomas; MA (2005) and PhD (2007) Catholic University of America.


John W. Starner, 1998. Associate Professor, Mathematics. BS (1971), MA (1972) and PhD (1976) University of New Mexico.


Michelle Steiger, 2006, Associate Professor, Chemistry and Physics. BS (1995) Nazareth College of Rochester; PhD (2000) University of Rochester School of Medicine.


Hans Stockton, 2002. Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences; Professor, Chair, International Studies and Modern Languages; Director, Center for International Studies. BA (1991) and PhD (1998) Texas A&M University.


John Story, 2008. Associate Professor, Marketing; BBA (1991) and MS (1995) Texas A&M University; PhD. (2000) University of Colorado.


Leon Strieder, 2002. Associate Professor, School of Theology. BA (1972) University of St. Thomas; STB (1975) Pontifical Gregorian University; SSL (1980) and SLD (1994) Pontifical Liturgical Institute.


Chih-Huei (Debby) Su, 2015. Assistant Professor, Finance. BS (2005) National Cheng-Chi University, MSF (2009) George Washington University, MBA (2013) Baruch College, PhD (2015) Baruch College.


Michael Sullivan 2017.Assistant Professor, Nursing. BSN (1977) University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. MS (1985) University of Houston Clear Lake. MA (2005) Doctorate (2013) Loyola University.


Nevine Sultan, 2015. Assistant Professor, Clinical and Mental Health Counseling. BS (2007) University of Maryland; MA (2012) and PhD (2015) St. Mary’s University.


Charles Talar, 2002. Professor, School of Theology. BA (1970) St. Mary’s Seminary College; MA (1985) New School for Social Research; STM (1974) and STL (1981) St. Mary’s School of Theology; MA (1973) and PhD (1980) Catholic University of America; STD (1987) St. Mary’s Seminary and University.


Higinia Torres–Rimbau, 1987. Professor, Education; Chair, Bilingual/Dual Language Education. BA (1972), MA (1977) and D.Ed. (1987) University of Houston.


Poldi Tschirch, 2009. Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dean and Professor, School of Nursing; Endowed Chair, Carol and Odis Peavy in Nursing. PhD (1992) University of Texas Graduate School; MSN (1983) University of Texas School of Nursing; BSN (1974) Salve Regina College.


Mark Turner, 2008. Professor, Accounting. MBA (1976) University of Texas Austin; DBA (1987) University of Memphis.


C. Joe Ueng, 1996. Professor, Finance; Cullen Endowed Chair of Finance. BS (1986) National Central University, Taipei; MBA (1991) Grand Valley State University; PhD (1995) St. Louis University.


Gabriel Villares, 2015. Assistant Professor, Biology; Director of HPAC. BS (1999) Saint Michael’s College; PhD (2009) University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.


Nicole Walters, 2013. Assistant Professor, Education; Associate Dean, Graduate Programs. BS (1997) University of Houston; MEd (2000), EdD (2007) Texas Southern University.


Phyllis Waters, 2014. Professor and Associate Dean for Graduate Programs in Nursing. BS (1969) Mercer University. MS (1977) Texas Woman’s University at Denton. PhD (2008) The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.


Lee J. Williames, 1992. Professor, History. BA (1964) La Salle University; MA (1966) Niagara University; ACS (1966) Soviet and East European Institute, Niagara University; PhD (1981) State University of New York, Binghamton.


Robin N. Williamson, 1983. Professor, Communication; BA (1970) and MA (1973) University of Southern California; PhD (1983) University of Wisconsin.


Yao-Yuan Yeh, 2017. Assistant Professor, International Studies and Modern Languages. BS (2008) National Taiwan University. PhD (2014) Texas A&M University.


Charles R. Young, 1990. Associate Professor, Political Science; Prelaw Advisor. BA (1970) University of St. Thomas; JD (1975) South Texas College of Law.


Crystal Young; 2014. Associate Professor. Chemistry. BA (2008) Texas A&M University; PhD (2014) University of Houston.