Employee and Student Assistance Programs

The University of St. Thomas recognizing the need to have available to its students, employees and officers a program or accessibility to a program dealing with all forms of alcohol and drug problems, offers the following:

Employee and Student Initiated Assistance

An employee or student experiencing problems resulting from drug or alcohol abuse or dependency should seek information on resources and referral from his/her supervisor, the Human Resources Office, Dean of Students, Counseling and Disability Services, the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness, or the Vice President for Student Affairs. Such assistance will be kept confidential and will not influence performance appraisals or grades. Job or academic performance alone, not the fact that an employee or student seeks help, is the basis of all performance appraisals/evaluations.

University Initiated Assistance

  1. Education
    1. On-campus speakers presenting programs related to drug and alcohol abuse prevention, recognition or treatment.
    2. Brochures describing drug and alcohol abuse prevention.
  2. Information and Referral
    1. The University’s Office of Health Promotion and Wellness makes available information about drug and alcohol abuse prevention.
    2. The Counseling and Disability Services Office makes information available about local community drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation programs.

While this policy covers drug and alcohol use at the University of St. Thomas, please be aware that there are penalties under Texas and federal law. All University of St. Thomas employees and students are responsible for complying with local, state, and federal laws regarding alcohol.