Demonstration Policy

The University of St. Thomas campus is private property. Our policy is to ensure a peaceful learning environment for all students. The University, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to deny entry onto its campus of anyone who may interfere with the University and its policies. In this regard, the University of St. Thomas is a Catholic institution and community of higher learning, requiring a standard of moral conduct higher than that expected of a secular community.

The University’s general policy is to require prior approval for demonstrations on campus. All individuals and groups wishing to demonstrate on campus must request permission in advance from the University Police Department (UPD), who will inform them of the restrictions that govern their activities while on University property, including the following:

  1. All demonstrators will remain orderly and peaceful at all times.
  2. All demonstrators will remain on the sidewalks and crosswalks, or within such other outdoor paved areas as may be designated by UPD.
  3. Demonstrators will not block building entrances or exits, and will not block driveways, public or private streets, or intersections.
  4. Demonstrators will obey all campus rules and all instructions of UPD.
  5. Demonstrators will not abuse verbally or physically any person or damage any property.
  6. Demonstrators will not engage in indecent, lewd or obscene behavior.

The University is under no obligation to permit any demonstration on its private property. If the University elects to permit a demonstration, it may impose such conditions as are deemed appropriate under the circumstances by University officials. These include without limitation: requiring a certified list of the names, addresses, registered agents, and principal officers of incorporated organizations, and the names and addresses of any individual persons, sponsoring the demonstration and who will be responsible for the actions and omissions of all demonstrators. The University may further require an indemnity bond or other security to afford assurance of protection of persons and property during any demonstration.

Demonstrators may be monitored by UPD, who may request assistance from the Houston Police Department. If any demonstrators create a condition believed by the University officials to threaten persons or property, to create a public disturbance or dangerous condition, or which may lead to the creation of a public disturbance or dangerous condition, or which otherwise is believed by the University to unreasonably interfere with the University, or its faculty, staff, employees or students, UPD may order all demonstrators to leave the campus immediately. If demonstrators fail to leave the campus on request, University officials may request assistance from the Houston Police Department to expel demonstrators from the campus.