Credit by Examination (A.02.01)


All Undergraduate Students.


The University participates in several programs – AP (Advanced Placement), CLEP (College Level Examination Program), IB (International Baccalaureate), and ACS (American Chemical Society) – that recognize college-level academic achievement before matriculation and encourage students to pursue areas of special interest at an advanced level. This policy describes the tests, scores and hours that are acceptable by the University.


  1. Hours Accepted
    1. The maximum number of credit hours the University will grant by examination is 30. Students are responsible for making sure that their test scores are received by the Registrar’s Office.
    2. For transfer students, the University accepts as transfer credit examination credit applied to students’ transcripts at other institutions. These credits are counted towards their total amount of transfer credit (72 for community college credits or 90 of university level credits), not towards the examination limit of 30. No additional test transcripts are required.
  2.  Posting, Reviewing, and Amending Examination Articulation Rules
    1. The specific examination credit articulation rules this policy governs are published annually in the relevant academic catalog. These rules are subject to change and will be reviewed annually by the departments under which the examination subjects reside. Amendments may be made to the rules by Deans, Program Directors, or Chairs, as needed following best practices in their respective academic fields. 

Please see the Credit by Examination Articulation Rules page for specific exam scores and equivalencies.