Code of Student Conduct

The University of St. Thomas expects a high standard of conduct from all of its students. Appropriate to our Catholic identity, these standards are grounded in the University’s mission statement and the Basilian tradition. The Code of Student Conduct specifies both individual and group behavioral expectations that students must maintain to meet these standards as well as the process followed when these standards are not met. The personal conduct of a student becomes a concern of the University when it contradicts the standards expressed in the Code of Student Conduct. The Office of Student Affairs administers the University’s non–academic regulations listed in the Student Handbook, which can be found on the Dean of Students website, In addition, the University expects its students to obey all local, state and federal statutes.

Questions regarding the Code of Student Conduct may be directed to the Office of Student Affairs, (713) 525–3570.

Student Complaints

Students who have a complaint or concern regarding the programs and services offered by the University of St. Thomas should contact the Vice President for Enrollment & Student Engagement. All formal complaints made to the Vice President Enrollment & Student Engagement must be in writing and include the name, address, email address (if one exists), and phone number of the concerned individual(s), as well as a description of the issue. No anonymous complaints will be accepted.

Associate VP for Student Affairs The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board University of St. Thomas P.O. Box 12788

3800 Montrose Blvd                                                         Austin, Texas 78711

Houston, Texas 77006                                                          Phone: (512) 427–6101

Phone: (713) 525–3570