CMHC 5340: Introduction to Play Therapy

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Credits 3
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through the process of counseling. The content of the course introduces a distinct group of interventions including play and communication skills as integral components of the therapeutic process. A major focus of the course involves instructional and experiential opportunities for the student counselor to develop skills that provide children with appropriate developmental materials and facilitate a safe relationship for the child to express models that can be applied to elementary age children. This course provides an overview of the essential elements and principles of play therapy, including history, theories, modalities, techniques, applications, and skills. Further, an experiential component focuses on basic play therapy skill development within the context of ethical and diversity-sensitive practice. It also includes assessment and techniques for working with children and adolescents in personal and family systems along with parent/guardian involvement interventions.
CMHC Elective Prerequisites: CMHC 5305, 5310, 5320.