B. Decorations and Furniture

  1. In an effort to preserve our housing facilities, the following items are strongly prohibited in campus housing:
    • incense
    • space heaters
    • electric and/or barbecue grills
    • nails and/or screws
    • molly bolts
    • drug or alcohol paraphernalia
    • flammable liquids
    • hookahs
    • explosives
    • pornography
    • fireworks
    • aquariums over ten gallons
    • hot plates/hot pots
    • toaster ovens
    • sun lamps
    • extension cords
    • electric blankets
    • electric skillets
    • satellite dish
    • microwave oven (Guinan Hall)
    • weapons (including facsimiles)
    • mercury thermometers
    • alcohol (Guinan Hall)
    • additional refrigerators (without prior approval)
    • dart boards
    • any other dangerous, illegal or offensive items not listed here
    • paint ball guns, water guns or any other form of gun
    • unauthorized pets
    • open-flame devices
    • toaster (Guinan Hall)
    • candles
    • torchiere halogen lamps/ lava lamps
    • waterbed
    • Ouija boards
    • water chair
    • computer routers
    • holiday lights that are not LED
    • hover boards
    • cooking knives (Guinan Hall)
    • non-cooking knives with a blade longer than three inches
    • coffeepots with a hot plate (Keurig machines or other similar styles are permitted)
  2. University furnishings and equipment must remain in their designated locations. Residents may not remove University furniture from their rooms. University furniture should not be taken from public areas. The University’s indoor furniture may not be used outdoors, and the University’s outdoor furniture may not be brought indoors. Residents found in violation of moving University furniture may be subject to disciplinary action and fined.
  3. Residents may not install any service or device that requires alteration of the physical structure without prior written permission for the Office of Residence Life.
  4. Residents may use painter’s tape or command hooks only to hang posters and pictures. Residents should read and follow all instructions related to the use and removal of these approved hanging materials. Residents will be charged for all damages to rooms, even if these damages occurred after use of an approved hanging material. Residents should not mount items on their doors, ceilings or windows. Any décor that damages paint or varnish is unacceptable. Damage will be charged to the occupants of the room.
  5. Items that may be viewed as racist, sexist, bigoted, or in any way offensive are prohibited in housing. These items may be removed from corridors, including residents’ doors and bulletin boards. Any resident who decorates their housing space with such items that may be viewed as racist, sexist, bigoted, or in any way offensive, may lose the right to reside in campus housing. The definition of racist, sexist, bigoted, or in any way offensive will be deemed by the Director of Residence Life.
  6. Holiday lights are permitted in the residence halls. All lights must be LED format and may not be displayed on patios or balconies without prior approval.