Admission of Visiting Students

Visiting students are those who wish to take courses for credit but are not seeking a University of St. Thomas degree. Those applying for this status must provide an official transcript verifying that they meet admission requirements and are in good academic standing at the last institution attended. Visiting students may take a maximum of 30 credit hours, after which they will be required to apply for admission to the University. Students who wish to complete more than 30 credit hours as a non– degree seeking student should consult with the Academic Advising Center and may petition the Admissions Committee for approval on an individual basis.

Continuing visiting students who wish to change their status to degree–seeking must apply to the University according to the application deadline prior to the start of the semester in which the status change will take effect.

Required for Admission Consideration:

  1. Completed, signed application form.
  2. An official transcript from the last institution attended, although transcripts from all institution may be necessary to meet requirements for course registration.