Academic Grievance Policy (A.05.04)


All faculty, distance education, hybrid, hyflex, and in person students.


Academic grievances involve matters such as the instructor’s management of a class, instructor’s failure to adhere to responsibilities specified in UST Policy F.07.01: Faculty Teaching Responsibilities, or a grade received by a student.


To explain when, how and to whom a student may file a grievance against an instructor.


01. Timing of Appeals

The student must initiate the grievance process no later than the first day of the next regular semester (fall/spring). All parties involved in an appeal (Steps Two through Five) will be notified in writing of a decision and any further appeals must be initiated within two weeks of that decision

02. Step One

Ideally, academic grievances are to be settled between the instructor and the student, in person or in writing. Either party may invite a witness or mediator to attend any meetings in which the grievance is discussed.

03. Step Two

If either party is not satisfied with the decision, she/he may appeal in writing to the Department Chair (or Associate Dean if there is no department chair or if the faculty member in question is the Department Chair).

04. Step Three

If either party is not satisfied with the decision of the department chair, she/he may appeal in writing to the Dean of the School in which the course resides 

05. Step Four

If either party is still not satisfied, either may submit a written appeal to one of the following committees, as appropriate:

  1. Curriculum and Standards Committee – Graduate students in the Cameron School of Business.
  2. School of Education Council – Graduate students in the School of Education.
  3. School of Theology Council – Graduate students in the School of Theology.
  4. Academic Committee – All other students (graduate and undergraduate).

06. Step Five

A final written appeal may be made to the VPAA.


APPROVED: Dr. Richard Ludwick
Date: April 19, 2011
Revision Date: March 10, 2022
Effective Date: March 10, 2022