Absences and Withdrawals (A.02.05)


All Students 


To explain the policy regarding absences from class and University withdrawal. 


01.    Withdrawals due to Absence from Class 

Frequent unexplained absences may result in a student being administratively withdrawn from the course or in a grade reduction or failing grade, at the discretion of the faculty member, in accordance with the faculty member’s attendance policy included on the course syllabus. Please note, however, that non– attendance does not automatically withdraw a student from a course or from the University. Students should follow the formal add/drop and withdrawal procedures of the University for any courses which they do not wish to attend. 

02.    Withdrawal from the University 

A student seeking a withdrawal needs to complete the appropriate withdrawal/discontinuation form from the Registrar’s Office. Financial aid recipients must also notify the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Students receiving veteran's benefits must notify the Veterans Services Representative. Students are strongly encouraged to consult with their advisors prior to any type of withdrawal. A student who has withdrawn from the University must contact the Admissions Office regarding readmission. 

03.    Medical Withdrawals 

Students wishing to secure a medical withdrawal must submit an official doctor’s note on letterhead indicating the diagnosis, length of time they were under the doctor’s care, and the doctor’s recommendation along with the Medical Withdrawal Request form located on the Registrar’s webpage. All documentation must be submitted to the Registrar no later than the last day of classes for the applicable term. 

Refunds will be considered on an individual basis for students who stopped attending classes before October 1 for the fall semester and March 1 for the spring semester. Because the summer term has multiple sessions with different start/end dates, refunds for classes taken in those sessions will be at the discretion of the Registrar. Medical withdrawals may be made after these deadlines with a resulting grade of “W,” but no refunds will be granted. 

The Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid will follow federal guidelines in determining refund procedures for all federal programs. Institutional and State Aid that was applied to any tuition charge will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will be subject to reduction and/or cancellation prior to any tuition refund being issued. 

If a medical withdrawal is approved, any course(s) in the term where a final grade has not been earned and officially recorded as of the approval date will be marked with a “W” grade. No partial withdrawal will be allowed. Students who have secured a medical withdrawal may not return to the University without their doctor’s written approval. 


APPROVED: Board of Directors 
Date of Original Formation: 9/1/2010 
Revision Number: 1 
Revision Date: 11-28-2023 
Effective Date: 12/07/2023