AAS General Business

Degrees and Certificates


GENB 2361: Social Media Marketing

This course introduces students to the processes necessary to run a social media marketing campaign. In this course, students will learn how to understand the components of a social media marketing campaign, types of applications and types of content used for social media marketing, and how to audit and plan social media marketing campaigns.

GENB 2362: Social Media Marketing Practicum

This course directs students to engage in action learning with a local business in need of social media marketing. Students will become Hootsuite certified and develop a social media marketing plan for a local business.

GENB 2363: Advertising and Promotion

This course introduces students to advertising and promotion. Students will learn about how to build an advertising proposal by following the story of an advertising firm. Students will learn fundamentals of advertising, how to develop an advertising plan, and how to measure success in an advertising campaign.