A. Roommates and Housemates

  1. Residents are able to select their roommates, provided that all roommates involved mutually request to live together and this information is provided to Residence Life at least two weeks prior to Fall move-in. Roommates must be same-gendered persons who are eligible for housing as per Residence Life policies. Roommate relationships must be platonic - under no circumstances will students who are in a romantic relationship be permitted to live together.
  2. All roommates and housemates must complete a roommate contract and submit this contract to their RA within the first week of living together. Failure to do so may result in fines and/or other disciplinary action.
  3. Roommate Conflicts – Whenever roommates/housemates are experiencing a conflict, the Residence Life Staff will do its utmost to assist them in resolving their problem. Except in extreme circumstances, the staff will first attempt to resolve the conflict by use of a roommate contract. If, after a roommate mediation and two-week waiting period, the residents have not resolved their conflict, they may be permitted to change roommates/housemates, provided space is available. When roommates/housemates are unable to decide upon who will relocate, the staff will assist in making that determination. Generally, the person who is requesting the change in roommates will be the one to move. The requestor may not demand that his/her roommate be forced to move.
  4. Room Changes – In order to provide ample opportunities for roommates to adjust to their new environments, room changes will not be considered until the third full week of classes. If a resident desires a new roommate, he/she must locate a new roommate. Generally, the person who is requesting the change in roommates will need to be the one to move. The requestor may not demand that his/her roommate be forced to move. Additionally, space must be available to accommodate the change in roommates. The Office of Residence Life must approve all housing changes. Any resident making an unauthorized change will forfeit his/her security deposit and may be required to return to his/her original space. A resident who is making an authorized room change must properly check-out with his/her RA (see check-out policy for more details). The resident must then conduct a room inventory of the new room upon receipt of a new key. Failure to properly check-out/check-in may result in forfeiture of the security deposit and possible additional fines.
  5. A resident who requests and is granted a room or roommate change will be expected to relocate within 48 hours of the request being approved. As stated above, the requestor may not demand that his/her roommate be forced to move.
  6. Residents are expected to maintain a healthy and productive relationship with their roommate(s). The University may choose to sever its housing contract with the resident if the resident does not meet the minimum standards of a reasonable roommate, as determined by the Director of Residence Life. The University may take such action for reasons including, but not limited to:
    1. The resident is unwilling to maintain a clean, uncluttered living environment.
    2. The resident verbally abuses his/her roommate(s) or is otherwise considered to be a possible threat to the physical and/or emotional well-being of the roommate(s).
    3. The resident creates a disruptive living environment.
    4. The resident consistently entertains guests without the consent of the roommate(s).
    5. The resident uses or consumes his/her roommate’s/housemate’s personal possessions without permission.
    6. The resident consistently demonstrates an inability to compromise.
    7. The resident refuses to speak to, or in any other way refuses to communicate with, his/her roommate(s).
    8. The resident smokes or drinks alcoholic beverages in violation of policy.
    9. The resident’s family is creating a disruptive living environment.
    10. The resident has a history of roommate conflicts.
    11. Roommates are found to be in a romantic relationship with one another.